The Blogger Recognition Award

The Rules for The Blogger Recognition Award

For all the nominees for this award, here are the rules, if you choose to accept(Please do):

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

I had always wanted to write. My first story ever was about a duck which ate too many apples and eventually got a stomach ache, but that duck did not regret it; the apples were too good, you see. I was nine. My green writing folder was big for my hands but I took it everywhere. I do not know why, but I always regarded diaries and journals as log books of crushes and spites. One, I had none, the other, I did not want to make real by writing it down. Evidently, I lived in an imaginary world of my own.

My blog, Light Writes, finally came into existence after a series of procrastination and hesitation snags. I needed a medium to practice my timeliness, and to display my writing into the void , to be constructively commented on and critiqued by my audience.

The Blogger community is formally the most helpful and engaging place to be! I have learnt not to be hesitate to ask questions- so that I can level up to from noob to semi-noob. I know now to take blogging seriously, but not to stress about it. I love how there is so much  to learn, by engaging in this community. The Blogging University is a great start to beginners. Keep trying out new themes, titles and taglines until you find the one that fits you like a second skin. Be consistent in updating and writing. I am still trying my hardest to achieve that. It’s not easy, but we’ll all get there.

I thank Sailaja ma’am for giving me this award. She has been a strong motivator ever since school days, and her confidence in me, I remember, was an integral part of the fifteenth year of my existence. Her blog is a stream of lovely internal dialogues, which are so quintessential to her, her personality and delicious writing strikes a chord with me, immediately. She still walks in beauty, and now writes beautifully on her blog too. (That was a reference to our little coded poem for Teachers Day, ma’am.) In all honesty, I could not stop grinning the day she posted about The Blogger Recognition Award and frequently got distracted from the Storage Area Networks internals I had. My gratitude, ma’am.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for their work:

  • Sriraksha V Raghavan From fallen pencil shavings to perfect poetry on the back of our hoodies. Your blogs, I look forward to for revelations of your Wes Anderson-ness to my Noah Baumbach.
  • The ink drop Harry Potter discussions are not bygones, but your haiku expertise confounds me.
  • Archipelagoo The probable equivalent of a motivating shouty Training Instructor, in the writing world.
  • Vitan Patel Thank the Gods for Fandoms United India, people. Vitan, here is an excellent reviewer of all things movies and TV shows
  • Nandini Bharadwaj Blogging Buddy, if it were not for your Blogging Wizarding skills, we would have known nothing.

Thank you.



  1. Thanks for the nomination! I’ll get to it as soon as my schedule lets me. 😛
    I remember writing some really silly stories around that time too (one was about how Saturn got its rings), although I think I was 10 when I started. I had this BIG 300 page book to write in. I can’t remember where I put it now though. Your beginning reminded me about it. 🙂 Great post!


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