IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the first one.

IBMC #01:  Phrase a Paragraph Challenge is to write a paragraph of 100 words by choosing one out of given ten topics. (Rules can be checked out in link)


My entry is:

The Perfect Match

Fluffy idlis to my coconut chutney, rice with curd to my avakaiyya pickle, and Imperial blue to my loaded chili fries. Korean skin care mask to my face, jewellery to my saree, and denim jacket to my flannel shirt. You are the salan to my Biryani, eggless mayo to my nachos, and Peachy Orange to my TARDIS blue. You are the Tea to my Marie biscuits, Comic sans MS to my Typewriter script, and the programming of computer sciences to my writing. Then the other way round sometimes. I believe perfect matches are what we make of the components in the match itself. Hence, I made a comparison of different objects to my friends and myself.

Following are the mentioned topics:

  1. Writing About the Rights
  2. The Cool and the Fool
  3. I am and so I am
  4. Mark of the Destiny
  5. Shoulder of Support
  6. My Way, My Stay
  7. When I See You
  8. Tick Tock Tick Tock
  9. Fly High
  10. The Perfect Match

Feel free to take up the challenge if interested.



  1. We certainly do define our perfect matches! You added a charm for the topic. It was a Nice read, highlighting, it does not need a perfection to be a perfect match! 🙂

    Thank you for taking up the IBMC. Welcome to the challenge! 🙂 I am excited.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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