IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge – An Open Letter to Whoever thought the Steel Bridge is a Good idea. It is not. Okay? It is not.

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge.The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the seventh one. You can view my previous entries: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #07: The News and Paper Challenge  is to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article.


My entry:

There is a project by the BDA in the works. Read this article.

Image Courtesy: Deccan Herald


Oh my Gods!

Are you serious. Are you for real? Are you certifiably insane?

Just. How could you?

I can adjust to anything. Anything at all. Bad food, noisy crowded places, dirt and dust, being thrifty. But how can you stand the heat? How can you, instead of actually doing something about the water conservation and climate change, CUT DOWN MORE TREES?

Image courtesy: keertitours


Did you not notice that you are sweating in October? Or are you just so cocooned so much so that you do not feel the glaring dry, prickly temperatures?

This is not cool. Literally. Not cool.

You really think construction of this steel is going to be completed in just two years? I am going to point to the Metro.

Hey, a few trees? Right?


More than 800.


How can you justify cutting more than 800 trees by planting some ornamental plants at the outskirts? What are you thinking? Plant 800 trees for all the trees I have seen being cut down for a road, I’ll say. I have seen five HUMONGOUS trees being cut down in my area alone this summer.  The trees at this stretch are old trees and not the stunted trees. More importantly, it is the poor traffic planning and absolute opacity of this project that is being opposed. People fear that it is going to be another K R Puram / Silk Board junction and it does look like that. Basically, you have 4 lanes that suddenly become 8 lanes due to a steel bridge and then they suddenly merge with 8 other lanes at Hebbal to 4 lanes. Wow! There cannot be a better recipe for disaster. (By the way, all this is because only one junction at Cauvery theater is a bottleneck). It is just not worth it.

A steel bridge? steel bridge? Does the concept of metal absorbing heat, ring a bell to you, Mister ‘Detriment-for-the-sake-Development,Who-cares, Not-Me-Meh’?

The forwarding of the proposal process and public acknowledgement of the project sounds fishy. Too fast, too soon. What is going on? If you have so much of the tax payer’s money in hand, can you please take a look at the state of our public transportation and work on that? Why are you all behind the Airport road anyway?

“Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh in his Facebook post lists what else Rs 1400 crore can buy, instead of the steel bridge – either 4000 more buses, or 300 km network of high-quality footpath, or groundwater revival which would raise water supply in Bangalore by 50% etc. “I’m sure there are many more examples we can put forward. Somehow, 6 km of roads that will anyway be clogged, using a technology that has only been tried by minor Communist states like Vietnam (it was a disaster there too), and designed by BDA of all institutions … it’s beyond words,” says Mahesh in his post.”

Read more at:

Don’t do this man, just, please, don’t.  We ask you.

View the Project details pdf from here.

Image Courtesy:


  1. When I had read this news, when one of my Bangalore friend had shared on Facebook,I had very similar expressions. Definitely one of the useless decisions. It looks like the decisions are taken for other purpose rather than attacking a problem!

    The political benefits! Well, they are going to ruin a lot of things!

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  2. Detriment for development’s sake – completely agree. What are these people really thinking? It’s like they’re taking our beloved Bengaluru and ripping it apart piece by piece. Garden city? You can as well forget about that name now.


  3. Of all the decisions taken by the government, this steel bridge has got to be the worst. It feels like the sort of thing that marks the end of a city, sirens looming in the near distance.
    Even after the hugely successful protest against the bridge last week, the government is going forward with it.
    I feel like our city is becoming a patchwork to fix a patchwork.


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