#NaPoWriMo Day 2: Impromptu Parody Poetry

The context here is the article by Nerdist. I always found it easier to write poetry faster, when I keep the rhyme and rhythm of the song in mind, words just need to be fit in like jigsaw puzzle.

If I were to change the poem a little in quick revision/editing- I would remove the “literally”. Perhaps, better explanation of the aisle.

It is a reference to the inverse of ascension to heaven of the painting by Botticelli from that Dan Brown book, Inferno. A painting I am sure exists, somewhere, other than the recesses of my mind. Heh.
It was a stairway to heaven in a church, which I thought was by that altar worship place. The aisle.


Thanks Compardre K, your morbidity was fueling inspiration.



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