NaPoWriMo Day 5: Formula to a rap/hip-hop song

Probably the first in Hamilton: An American Musical Obsessions series in this blog. This was my favourite research assignment I gave myself for #NaPoWriMo. I went through all the enormous wondrous ’90s rap music albums and worked hard to incorporate all the rappers who influenced Lin-Manuel Miranda in my rap here, and some more.

I only hope I am not appropriating the Black Culture, but it is a thin line to straddle. References, inspirations  have been given due credit.

If you do not know what this is all about, watch the following videos. One is in the White House Poetry, Music and Spoken Word event in the East Room. Another is an interview for #HeForShe with Emma Watson. (Psst! She beatboxes as well.)

Welcome to the Hamilton World. I hope you gain a shot of inspiration at least, out of this.

Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda for these revelations.


Try and keep the flow continuous in your head, sing it to yourself like the rap songs you know, which you feel it is referencing to. Then, click on the links and see if your guess was right!

Formula to a rap/hip-hop song

Numero Uno’s the Intro, two, do a chorus sonorous, hiss a diss, for better or a verse, rehearse, bridge to an outro.

Watch for coordination, squadrons

If you are having procrastination problems

I feel sorry son

I got 99 problems, but rapping Angelica Schuyler’s part ain’t one.

Rely on my words, it is easier said than done.

Ayo, it’s tunes to keep the kundis quivering you better trust me,

It’s queer how eerily,

who you gonna call the HamilTrash* of this tragedy

In my milieux** writ it is though , easily

I am the biggest hypocrite of 2017

My heart is heavy, Mom’s gonna disagree, in reality,

I lose myself in the flow

bet you never gonna let you go,

Learning the lyrics in one shot,

do not blow the Hamiltons***,

honour is not just for one time

I’m only 21 but my mind is older

All you pompous “pure” poetry producers, in that order

Line up, of course it’s hard to be just for east coasters°, get off your high horse, with your empty boasts

but you got none on this champion Puerto Rican°°, Medea°°° of sheer nuclear power.

No, y’all are The Nightmares of J major˜.

Phil Kaye referenced you in #LouderThanWords Tour˜˜(AH!), but the streets of India,

feel decay, because they barely even know ya.

From the rapping hip hop musicals came glories didchu have a forseer

Your multiracial work has come through your portal

it will be immortal

in cities seriously insidious

The cast and crew rendezvous in my heart, free stylin fast laner has a crib here for

a jiggy, jiggy, jiggy, don’t you see, sometimes the stage just hypnotizes me

A race of babies˜˜˜, educated about a beginning of a country, now lost to Hades

His name is, his name is, L-I-N (kingpin) M-A-N (of word djinn)-U-E-L (unparalleled) MIRANDA. 

Boom goes the mic drop!

*HamilTrash is the word used by the millenials who are fans of Hamilton

**milleux pronounced /mil-yu/

***Hamiltons as in Phillip Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton

°Lin-Manuel Miranda is from East Coast, NYC

°°Lin-Manuel Miranda’s parents immigrated from Puerto Rico

°°°Medea was a Greek sorceress. Cool lady, but freaky.

˜Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first play in school was The Nightmare of D Major and it was the story of schoolkid’s first crush. I tweaked it into J Major, because, I’m Jajwalya and I was disappointed not enough people know this play, majorly.

˜˜I volunteered for this event where Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye performed along with several other slam poetry aficionados in Bengaluru. Phil Kaye made a joke about how people in the part of the crowd who don’t know about Spoken Word Poetry might have been expecting some Hamilton sorta rap, but got their art instead. (Nope, Phil Kaye, nope.) I Almost Jumped out of the seat like a struck cat because of my euphoria. Later, while signing my book, I asked them about the musical and what a cultural phenomenon it is.

˜˜˜Hamilton is also an educational experience for over 20,000 students who get to see this as a part of thier History Civics lessons. <sigh!>

If you are convinced yet… here is the link to the entire Original Cast Recording of Hamilton: An American Musical

And now, a bonus round:

What were they saying?

Alex: I am in the eye of the hurricane before the quiet
Burr: The world turned upside down!!! Weeee


Hamilton: Don’t panic! I’m in charge!
Burr: That’s why we’re panicking!

J Major

(Feeling really major right now, no lie)

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