#NaPoWriMo Day 11: Measuring the Streets of Bengaluru

via Daily Prompt: Measure

Streets of Bengaluru measured

Too hot, too hot, ahhh!

The roads of Bengaluru are measured tometro

make no sense to someone new here-

2nd Block is next to 4th

Further from 31st is 13th cross

Mami's daily Rangoli ritual

are of more seeming orderkolam437

That evening of May, 2005

the rain swept away blocks of Domlur

the way a saree pallu brushed away

powdered connected Rangoli

to make way for another highway.

The streets of Bengaluru have food

favourable to everyone, Rasgulla chaats, South Indian Filter Coffee

Masala puri, Benne Dose, just a few

Measure a bi-ttoo(by-two) kapi

Much like the cherries of Pacman

Creeps hound you too; 

Man on a Scooty flashing and cackling

fighting a level glance thrown.tumblr_nvx7eslyqw1urz3l2o1_500

Calculated risks, it is what it is

Measured glances between  friends

meant a coordinated rendezvous

in the backstreets and parks

dwindling in Garden City Bengaluru 

Always, though, Bengaluru roads are measured

For the traffic at Silk Board Junctionroad20bangalore

They can never be measured 
by their good conditions.

No longer the Pensioner's Paradise

Bengaluru measures belovedly.mg-road-bangalore1




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