#NaPoWriMo Day 12: Call for National Youth Poetry Slam, 2016

I wrote most of this almost 8 months ago, when I was volunteering for National Youth Poetry Slam and had one of those Comic Con 2014 level eye-opening awe-inspiring head-heavy, heart soaring experiences.  I tweaked a lot of it, and decided to publish it here because otherwise it would never see the light of the day. For some reason, Airplane Poetry Movement, and Campus Diaries required me to send in this and a lot more for just a volunteering job. But oh well, the experience was worth it.

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I fawned after every flowery free verse

I loved every loquacious limerick master liner

An ode to an epic experience evermore

Rhythm and rhyme, pen and paper, audience and performer

Call for NYPS, 2016

Hear ye, hear ye!

Round up at Lotus Convention Center for dos days of poetry!

Hold on. Wait up. Before that. For maximum voodoo

Now that you have a ticket for you

Make it two to

Look at your friend wide-eyed

When “Boom!” goes the mic drop.

Now that you have a ticket for you

Make it three to

Jump up on stage and rap a dialogue with bae!

Another to box a beat with Sarah Kay!

Now that you have a ticket for you

Make it five to

Let Kalki Koechlin

String you all up like a violin

Make it many many more, for who else can brighten the scene

 at National Youth Poetry Slam, 2016-

Make it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Than your friends together; enthusiasm infectious?

All images here belong to Airplane Poetry Movement and Campus Diaries



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