#NaPoWriMo Day 13: A smol one’s Magician Traiku

On my brother’s second birthday, (we celebrated in Venus Restaurant, in Muscat, Oman) I became a Magician. I wonder at that young girl with practically no magic skills or knowledge whatsoever, speeding away at her little show, growing red with excitement at all the attention tall tall people were giving her, while they probably, definitely were only just indulging her… How did this come to pass?

A smol one’s Magician Traiku 

confidence man's tongue magic
I was a child magician
wild tricks up my sleeves

showmanship blood hot
claps and appreciation-
my real show stealer

smiles and cheek pinches
then Baby Jaji grew up
shakes and shivers now

Magician Jaj

Today, 17th April is World Haiku Day, so I raise you to a Traiku. That’s three haikus(5-7-5). Why, yes, I’m behind on the schedule, but I shall catch up.



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