NaPoWriMo reads: Rent the Musical, Allen Ginsberg and Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes

In spirit of NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month, I have researched and read more poems than I have, my entire life. Here’s a little of what I learned this last month…

Beat Poetry: Howl by Allen Ginsberg

Beat generation is a group of writers interested in changing consciousness and defying conventional writing.

I have become obsessed with Rent the Musical, just as with (and I mean obsessed enough to write rap songs and poetry) Hamilton: An American Musical. La Vie Boheme is my favourite sequence, because it encapsulates everything of the New York City Artists, Poets, Dancers and Musicians scene, from the ’70s. I have read Patti Smith books, listened to music of that drug fueled creative era… And fighting AIDS.. And all of this, is in the musical, in this one super energetic song.



It makes so many references to sooo many figures and iconic landmarks in literature, music, dance, art, and culture, (some signature cocktails as well I am sure) I have been leafing through each reference, slowly, but surely, thoroughly.

Here I knew of Allen Ginsberg.

Here is Howl by Allen Ginsberg, a Beat poet.




Animation and spoken word poetry with the slightest music works so well, does it not? James Franco performed in this version. It is not perfect. But the animation is by Eric Drooker is.

The complete version follows:







Daniel Radcliffe(Kill your darlings) and James Franco(Howl) both potrayed Allen Ginsberg

Langston Hughes poems reference explained!


And a Langston Hughes poem, Harlem:

Gif by bigbluebloo




  1. I love reading poems, watching musical play and also reading novels, for some reason it truly attracts and keep me looking for more. This one more enjoyable for me to read, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! This post had a bit of all of them! There is something deeply fascinating about words, in all forms. Musical Theatre is where storytelling, dialogues and music can all amalgamate, and that is what fascinates me.


  2. I was definitely captivated by what the GIF was doing to Langston Hughes poem. I saw Rent and loved it… I love the references and creative expressions you’ve shared here.


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