Life and Times in Jayanagara Vol. 3

This is a series on Jayanagara, and how she took care of me, for 3 years.

The series: Life and Time in Jayanagara Vol. 1 and Life and Times in Jayanagara Vol. 2


When I started to wake up at five in the morning, to the chirping of hundreds of birds, and sit at the same porch, I would witness a secret ritual. Birds staked out their territories. The pigeons perching on houses would have a death stare match with the parrots balanced on thin leaves of the lone coconut tree and electric wires. With an unseen unheard signal or silent shot ringing through the air maybe, in unison, the green dots would rise and from sight behind the tall buildings.


My four poster wrought iron bed is in between a regally hunching twenty seven year old typewriter and a thick in-lined square showcase wardrobe. This, oh thank the Gods, has the space for all my novels – all two hundred of them. One of the most heartbreaking moments of my life is still, when I had to give away around a hundred of my books to other kids, when we moved. Oh well, at least they are being read still. Hopefully. Maybe.


My favourite ritual is the monthly communion with my bookshelf; to relish the idea of reading the books unread yet. The bookcase also houses a tiny, blue, brick TARDIS. My brother gave it to me, making it from his building blocks and bricks collection, for my seventeenth birthday. Now it even has a TARDIS that makes the materialization and de-materialization sound and few heartfelt letters, never too many.


A Van Gogh painting poster, “A Café in Paris” frames my collection of short stories by Guy de Maupassant. A Prestige movie poster is pushed between the wall of the cupboard and Cosmos, Harry Potter books, a Parisian magazine, What Life was Like, and Quiz Night. Signed posters from various Bangalore Comic Cons envelope Geetanjali, Peter Kuper’s World War 3, and a Sandman graphic novel. A Danish music vinyl peeps out of my classics section. All in all, my favourite part of the room, obviously.


What’s your bookshelf like? What’s your favourite part of your room? I would love to know- Is it the same as your dream roomscape? In school, a friend of mine told us about this personality test about “dream room”. Basically, what a person describes equates to their characteristics! Always fun, even if not reliable, haha!




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