Dear Reader

I hope you are in the best of health and having best of times.

Blogs don’t have friends. They have communities. We are all small groups of far flung diverse people who band together to keep a sensitive little chipmunk thing called passion, alive.

Recently my friend and fellow comrade R and I discovered our tone of writing varies from medium to medium. Letter writing, of course, is deeply personal, and confessional, while vaguely philosophical.


I’ve read Rabindranath Tagore’s The Postman. I have fully romanticized rain and thatched huts. Brian K. Vaughan might have spilled French Onion soup to get his fans to send him mails. I just spent the last 3 hours writing postcards to people I know and love, and would love to send them to people I do not know, and will come to love through words alone. Truthfully, I simply adore old school letters.

Stamped Envelope Love Card

I want to keep this letter writing practice alive. I want you to write me letters. Write to me about anything at all. Your travels, observations,  useless souvenirs, your favourite quote, postcard, pet pictures, jokes, pickle recipes, poetry – the possibilities are boundless!

Write to me

I shall treasure your works and words, unless you tell me to burn it. I shall blog about your letters, unless you stamp on a mark of Confidentiality. Okay that is not necessary, you just have to let me know.  special-delivery

It might take you 3 days or half an hour. I’ll thank you for your time. Write to me, please do. It might be silly, it might be funny, it might feel ridiculous. but send it anyway. Hop on to the post box, and flip the letter right in!

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History has been abundant with Letters of Note.

Let's Talk


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