I am

Jajwalya Pensive Writer Compressed Copy

Jajwalya R Karajgikar

Pronounced as /Jaaj-wul-ya/

j'adoresEVERYTHING IN HERE. And some.Gallery for curved arrow black and white


(See what I did there? J’adores– I adore in French and J adores!)

Pulling and moulding words with your hands, that’s writing.

I started reading books in second grade, and had a fat folder filled with pages of stories. It read, “Jajwlwalya, Riter.”

Since then, I have made imaginary friends, two of whom still star in my stories. I wrote.

In 1995 my father decided I was to be named after the consecrated light of Lord Vishnu, Narayana, encapsulated in a thuppada batti (oil lamp). Jajwaly- is the adjective at play in many Sanskrit holy texts. Lesson in Word etymologies, really.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Image from tumblr.com

I write

  • Short story writing quests
  • Lo lineup loquacious limericks
  • Review of all my entertainment activities; literary, cultural, musical, art.
  • Chronicles of all my volunteering activities.
  • My India|Malaysia adventures
  • Good ol’ Letters!

I am always going to welcome your comments, feedback, reviews and general musings about anything artsy, literary, cultural, political, musical, courses, coding, travels, travails, anything!

Bonus points for anyone who figures out all the fandom references in this blog!

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