Pulling and moulding words with your hands, that’s writing.

I had started reading books in second grade, and had a fat folder filled with pages of stories. It read, “Jajwlwalya, Riter.”

SInce then, I have been listening and observing. I made imaginary friends, two of whom still star in my stories. I wrote.

In 1995 my father decided I was to be named after the consecrated beatific light of Lord Vishnu, Narayana, encapsulated in a thuppada batti (oil lamp). Jajwaly- is the adjective at play in many Sanskrit holy texts. Hence the rephrasal of jwala. Word etymologies, really.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Image from tumblr.com

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Writing here is

  • An outlet for my thoughts.
  • A review base for all my entertainment activities; literary, cultural, art.
  • An experience chronicler of all my volunteering activities.
  • A short story writing quest.
  • A lineup lo loquacious limericks.

Thank you for coming by.

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